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Products Offered by PDI Rentals:
Products Offered by PDI Rentals:

We currently are offering for rental Winches and Hydraulic Power Units. These products are reliable and deliver maximum power in robust and compact designs.

PDI Winch Rentals
In addition to being a manufacturer and re-conditioner of HYDRAULIC POWERED WINCHES, PDI is offering the following Winch products for lease. In some cases these winches can be custom configured to meet our customer’s requirements (capacity, line pull, configuration, etc.). These winches are hydraulically driven, but PDI might be able to offer an electrically driven winch package.

In addition to winch rental, we can provide technical assistance and service technicians to insure a trouble­-free rental installation and can provide training to our client’s operators and support personnel. We will provide extensive phone support during the rental and can dispatch our field service technician to our customer’s jobsite anywhere in the world.

For more information regarding our winch rental offerings, please click on the products offered and questions regarding our pricing structure please click on us or call us at 228-689-8560.
PDI Equipment Rental Terms
Power Dynamics Innovations Engineered Hydraulic Power Units deliver filtered high and low pressure hydraulic fluids and are designed as open framework or fully enclosed. HPUs are comprised of supply/return reservoir with case drain connection, dual electrically driven hydraulic pumps, accumulators, filters and associated control and instrumentation.

The complexity or simplicity of the Hydraulic Power Unit is purely down to the client’s request
based on the requirements of the project.  PDI can offer a fully standalone autonomous power unit, whereby all control and instrumentation devices are terminated within a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). This allows fully automatic control of the system or allows it to be coupled together with communication
links to a Master Control System for operation control and monitoring.

These systems can be built strictly in accordance with client specifications or PDI can offer a fully functional design specification in the absence of any specific requirements. This will be detailed by our team of engineers while working directly with the client, ensuring the best possible technical and commercial solution.

PDI Hydraulic Power Unit Rentals

PDI Hydraulic Power Units deliver the hydraulic power, fluid, needed for hydraulic tools to perform work. This fluid is controlled automatically or directly by control valves, which are distributed through hoses and tubes. Companies that use heavy equipment often choose hydraulic machinery because of the large amount of power that is able to transfer between the small tubes and hoses. PDI’s HPU’s will deliver “cost effective” and reliable power for your hydraulic tools.

PDI’s HPU’s consist of a hydraulic reservoir, suction and return filter, heavy duty pump, hydraulic cooler, pressure-control valves, pressure gauges, circuit breakers and start / stop controls engineered to specifications that will drive the tools. PDI can offer various HPU products for rental.

Hydraulic Machinery are Tools that use fluid power to perform work. These tools are often heavy equipment that transmits high pressure hydraulic fluid throughout the various hydraulic motors and cylinders. The improper use of these tools can result in serious injuries and or damage to the equipment. Only properly trained personnel should operator fluid power equipment.

In addition to the leasing of Hydraulic Power units, PDI and offer material and services for relating to your fluid deliver system.
Our knowledge of manufacturing hydraulic equipment fully qualifies us in the practices and procedures needed to produce reliable hydraulic systems to meet our client’s needs.
Power Dynamics Innovations has expanded our capabilities to include hydraulic piping systems. Our expertise includes: design services based on fluid power design standards, shop and field fabrication, site installation, hydro-testing, flushing and qualification of completed product.  

Power Dynamics  Innovations Rental Additional Services
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